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Name: CEO John Franklin

Occupation: CEO and Licensed Funeral Director of John P. Franklin Funeral Home, Community Leader


Mr. Franklin is a man derived from a “Man of Purpose,” to become a “Man of Purpose.” A proud yet humble father who is committed to God, family and the community he has served and continues to service with compassion and care during their time of need. On the John P. Franklin Funeral Home web site, Mr. Franklin is quoted as saying, “We are committed to our vision and believe that re-establishing ourselves as a family owned and operated firm allows us to serve a greater purpose and is in the best interest of our customers and the Chattanooga Community.”

It is this call to God, family, obedience, commitment plus purpose which equals the continued evolution of Mr. Franklin. As a young child he shared in his father’s, Mr. G.W. Franklin, purpose and call to service in the family owned and operated first African American Funeral Home in 1894, later forming the partnership of Franklin Strickland Funeral Home in 1952 until he founded the present John P. Franklin Funeral Home in 2007-2008. Along his side, staying true to family commitment, purpose, owned and operated business, are his son, John “Duke” Franklin, Jr., licensed funeral director and embalmer, daughter, Cheryl Franklin Key, licensed funeral director, and devoted staff.

Mr. Franklin, like many other great community leaders and servers in our fair city, embodies all that he thinks, feels, believes and practice in his day-to-day travels. His words are so profound in their strength that I will not place them into paragraph format. Young or old, rich or poor… the reader of these words will not be able to leave from this page without taking something good and fulfilling with them to become a new and improved person.

    Questions by Chattanooga Soul, Response by Mr. John P. Franklin, Sr.

  1. What advice do you offer a young entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Be honest, fair, and always of highest integrity
  • Be qualified in your chosen field, and capable of effectively presenting yourself and your product
  • Exude personal dignity, personality, and appearance.

  1. What are some challenges you overcame and still see as relevant threats today?
  • Having mastery of mind and matter to be qualified for challenge and opportunity.
  • The ability to communicate effectively.
  • High values and principals.
  • Being able to accept challenge and persevere.

  1. Words of encouragement to the youth of today?

    “Opportunities exist today far and wide for the optimist and the skilled. Seek and you shall find your niche through optimism, prayer, and putting brains and skills into the common occupations of life” 

You saw it, read and felt it, the impact of generations of PURPOSE. Carried out and fulfilled by John P. Franklin, Sr., father, business owner, community leader, educator, humanitarian and recipient of many continued awards and recognitions. On May 7, 2011, the Kappa Foundation of Chattanooga sponsored an “Achievement Scholarship Dinner and Tribute” to Mr. Franklin for his many gifts to the community.

Like so many who see, you and your contributions as a blessing, Chattanooga Soul, takes great pleasure in recognizing you, Mr. John P. Franklin, Sr., as our July Hero of the month.

John P. Franklin Funeral Home, 1101 Dodds Ave.,Chattanooga, TN 37404

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